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Killingworth Lake

Killingworth Lake is a popular man-made lakeside park. The highlight is a small colony of Mute Swans which attracts a great deal of interest.  At times Whooper  and on rare occaisons Bewick Swans can also come to visit. There are two lakes, either side of a main road. There is a patch of open grassland on the southern shore and there are patches of woodland along the edges of the park which are home to singing Warblers such as Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler in the spring/summer months.

Photo to the left
A Whooper Swan
at Killingworth Lake
by Adriana Buskin
in January 2013

Close to the road which separates the two lakes, Cormorants and Grey Herons can be seen relaxing on some wooden platforms. The site remains a good site for Common Terns and Great Crested Grebes in the summer.

Photo to the right
a Great-crested Grebe
by Alan Jack
at Killingworth Lake
in May 2016

On occasion Black Terns have also been recorded visiting this site. Over recent years the County has witnessed a drop in Pochard numbers, with many sites absent this once widespread duck especially in the winter months. Killingworth continues to be well-loved by our regions Pochards.

The surrounding habitat has benefited from environmental improvements such as the addition of bullrushes along the lakes outskirts.  Not only does this make the lake look more natural and visually pleasing, it has  also encouraged more wildlife to colonise this urban setting.  At times Reed Warblers and Sedge Warbler can now be seen.

During the autumn/winter the lake is alive with Goldeneyes and Goosanders.  In the winter of 2015/16; a red head Smew and a couple of Scaup came to visit.

Photo to the left
a Smew
by David Dinsley
at Killingworth Lake
in January 2016

Some nearby businesses have vanished from the surrounding area and these have been replaced with housing and a second supermarket is currently being built.  Killingworth Lake is surrounded by housing in this well established new-town but remains an oasis for wildlife and the variety of species  has been increasing over the past couple of years.


Below is a selection of photos from Killingworth Lake.

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