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Druridge Bay CP – Ladyburn Lake

A very popular leisure destination to the south of Amble and to the north of Cresswell Pond. The main attraction is Ladyburn Lake; a large freshwater lake close to the coastline, which is surrounded by, mixed woodland and meadows.

Nearby there is also three miles of sand dunes and beaches, which can be great for sea watching and visiting migrants. The country park has excellent facilities with a visitor centre, toilets, a small café and free parking. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk around the lake, or along the adjacent coastline.

Species to watch for include Crossbill, Kingfisher, Willow Tit, Redpoll, Siskin, Bullfinch and visiting Long-tailed Duck, Divers and Grebes, Whooper and Bewick Swans and a flocks of Geese during the winter. Once a prime location for Smew, the site remains a favorite with wildfowl all year round.

Photo to the right
A Slavonian Grebe
at Druridge Bay
Country Park
by Chris Barlow
in October 2012

Highlights have included Little Gull and Marsh Warbler.



A Pacific Diver
at Ladyburn Lake,
Druridge Bay
Country Park
by Tom Cadwallender
in January 2017

During January 2017 dozens of birders gathered at the edge of Ladyburn Lake to watch an expert fish-eater which breeds in Alaska, Northern Canada and Russia known as a Pacific Diver. This rare vagrant to the UK, was in the past considered a sub species of Black-throated Diver of which it greatly resembles. They were split however into two species in 2007 by the British Ornithologists Union (BOU); which maintains the British List. The two forms are known to coexist without hybridising in some areas.

Visitors are also recommended to visit the nearby sites of Hauxley and Amble to the north, and , Druridge Pools and Cresswell Pond to the south. Next door you can also find the East Chevington nature reserve.