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Coquet Island

Coquet island maybe small but it boasts Britain’s largest colony of Roseate Tern.  Approximately 90% of the UK’s population of nesting Roseate Tern choose Coquet island.  These are joined by thousands of Arctic, Common and Sandwich Terns, together with one of our favourite seabirds the Puffin.

This important site is managed by the RSPB. There are wardens present during the summer months to help monitor and protect nesting birds.

Photo to the right
A Roseate Tern
at Coquet Island
by Colin Bradshaw
In August 2008

Due to the high numbers of seabirds nesting on this small island it has not been possible to open up the islands to allow for members of the public or RSPB members to land on the island.  Coquet Island can be viewed by boat however with Puffin Cruises.

Other birds present include Eider, Fulmar and Kittiwake.