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As the river Coquet flows past the village of Warkworth and meets up with the coast, it arrives at Amble. Amble is famous for it’s small fishing port and tasty fish and chips and is a popular tourist attraction. In recent years facilities have increased with more shops and cafes appearing. Visitors can also enjoy boat trips from the harbour, with Puffin Cruises to Coquet Island.

Photo to the right
a Red-necked Grebe
at Amble
by Chris Barlow
in February 2012

Amble is a great site for birding with a wide range of species present all year round. Goosanders and Eiders can often be seen making their way along the river, whilst cormorants and a wide selection of Gulls, frequent the area daily. At times Divers and Slavonian or Red-necked Grebes travel from the sea, stopping just off shore or entering the estuary. At these times visitors are rewarded with great views, of a bird, which is usually observed from a distance through a telescope.

During tidal changes, an huge expanse of mud-flats is revealed, which is filled with the calls and feeding activity of a wide selection of waders, especially in the autumn/winter. Grey Herons and at times Little Egrets are also recorded.

Over the past four years the harbour has attracted a lot of birders attention with the presence of a Caspian Gull.

Photo to the left
A Caspian Gull
at Amble Harbour
by Jonathan Farooqi
in August 2014

Other birds recorded in 2016 included a Yellow-legged Gull and a White-rumped Sandpiper was found only a few minutes’ drive up the coast.